Frequently Asked Questions

Physical Therapy for knee pain, back pain, hip pain.

What to Expect

Your first visit will include a lot of "information gathering." Your physical therapist will take a thorough history, discuss current limitations or challenges, talk about personal goals as well as go through physical tests and measures to assess strength, flexibility, posture & alignment, and movement patterns.  Sometimes we are able to get a clear and complete picture on the first visit, sometimes this process takes several visits as our understanding of you and your body evolves. 

Following visits will be focused on treatments based on the plan of care established during the first visit and updated during regular reassessment of your progress.  Treatment may include manual therapy which is "hands on" techniques, strengthening exercises, stretches, as well as body mechanics & posture education. All treatments and recommendations are individualized not only for your physical needs, but also to fit your daily life to make your home program and long term maintenance program achievable and practical.  

Appointments are scheduled for 60 minutes.  The number of appointments each week depends on your treatment plan and your schedule. Often our patients are initially seen once a week gradually decreasing to once every two to three weeks as they are transitioning towards independent management of their condition.  

What Equipment Will I Need?

No Equipment is Required or Necessary. 

All patients are provided with a set of latex-free resistance bands that can be utilized for a wide variety of exercises.  A yoga mat is beneficial for comfort when performing exercises on the floor, but a beach or bath towel can also be used for padding. 


Any other exercises will be based on equipment already owned.  If additional equipment would be beneficial, options will be reviewed including "DIY" or "homemade" when able. 

How Should I Prepare for My Visits?

Come as You Are!  Well, we will be coming to you, but you get the point.   Dress comfortably and ready for activity.  Physical Therapy evaluation and treatments involve a variety of exercises and stretches, so don't wear any clothing that will constrict your movement.  


Brush it Under the Rug....We Won't Look!  As long as the level of cleanliness does not cause concern for our own personal health, we aren't bothered by dishes in the sink, piles of laundry strewn across the bed or this morning's breakfast flung across the wall. That being said, for our health, please no active smoking or drug use in the home while your physical therapist is present.  


Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  For our safety, please properly restrain any potentially dangerous animals in your home.  Dogs, cats, birds and any other "typical" house pets are to your discretion.  You know your animals best and whether they will gladly sit on the sidelines or not.  


Oh Baby Baby!  Homefront Physical Therapy was born out of repeatedly seeing primary caregivers of young children forego the care they needed due to difficulty getting childcare for traditional in-clinic appointments.  Coming to your home allows you to receive the care you need while your children are happily playing nearby, enjoying a video (or two), or let's be honest getting right into the action and wanting to do everything you are doing. No matter what the situation, we expect and will accommodate minor interruptions, diaper changes, peace negotiations and incorporating your children into your care.  

In Home Physical Therapy. Mobile Physical Therapy. Patient Education.
Physical Therapy for shoulder pain, neck pain, elbow pain, upper back pain.

Insurance & Payment

Homefront Physical Therapy is an out-of-network provider allowing treatment without insurance based restrictions. 


Payment is due at time of service and receipts are provided to be submitted for insurance reimbursement. 


Homefront Physical Therapy was founded on the goals of simplicity and providing highest quality of care to patients that may not otherwise seek physical health care due to challenges such as childcare or busy work schedules.  Providing care out-of-network aligned best with those goals. 


Insurance companies can be complicated to work with, set contracted payment rates that often push practices into high quantity schedules to make ends meet, set ever changing restrictions on what treatments qualify for reimbursement, and often set limits for the amount of care a beneficiary is eligible for each year.  Homefront Physical Therapy wants to be able to treat individuals for any condition that impact their life, not just ones that insurance companies approve, and to be able to treat those conditions with any appropriate treatment strategy that finds the most success with each patient, not just ones that insurance companies are willing to reimburse. 


All patients are provided receipts to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement

as well as a worksheet prior to their first appointment to help them obtain all the information necessary to submit claims for out-of-network care. 


Treatment sessions with Homefront Physical Therapy emphasize establishing routines and management strategies for days in between visits allowing less frequent appointments instead of performing exercises that could be done independently just to create more billable time. 


Homefront Physical Therapy combines all the advantages of a mobile clinic with all the advantages of out-of-network care providing convenient high quality care to get the most out of your every day. 

Do I Need a Referral from a Doctor?

North Carolina allows Direct Access meaning that you can go directly to a physical therapist without a prescription or referral. 


Some insurance companies require a prescription or referral to reimburse treatment provided. 

Do you work with Medicare?

As an out-of-network provider, we are unable to provide Medicare covered physical therapy services unless you decide with work with us and DO NOT want Medicare to be billed or involved in any way for services provided.  


We are able to fully provide services that are not covered such as our Health & Wellness Program. 

Physical Therapy for posture, spinal alignment, core strength. Physical Therapy for neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain.